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Modern Combat 4  are included in the genre of video games F irst P erson S hooter (First Person Shooter) war or shots where the player sees the world around him from the perspective of the protagonist.


One of the passions that we enjoy good games, either war, action, strategy or combat, etc. PC or smartphone. Are games designed for the Android platform and specifically we have Modern Combat Fallen Nation 1, 2 and 3 being the best of all the new release Modern Combat 4 . Which is a video game where shooting in first person such great games known FPS also as for its acronym in English


In Modern Combat 4 will battle similarly in the style of that other wonderful action game called Call of Duty in Modern Combat 4 as previous versions Modern Combat 1 and Modern Combat 2 and Modern Combat 3 are filled with good graphics and action framed in American lands. In Modern Combat 4 you can choose between starting solo campaign solo or create your own squad in the company of other players because it has a multiplayer mode.

Moreover regarding the operation of Modern Combat 4  it is equal to other games of its kind it is to move as quickly as possible, take aim and shoot the enemies that appear and get in the way of your squad or command .

Truly Modern Combat 4 stands for good visual aspect which frankly is very well done and done with film printing, its gentle movements and extraordinary soundtrack manage to create realism and tension and high - quality graphics at the level of excellent engines UNREAL and RAGE. Game Hack Cheats


Modern Combat 4 without doubt one of the Best Games First Person Shooter

But we must be honest to recognize the following and is that controlling Modern Combat 4 is a bit complicated, but only at first then the game turns out it becomes very easy to commandeer can access and have a choice of three available difficulty levels, so you have ultimate thrill by winning the war and satisfied sticking.

Modern Combat Fallen Nation 1, 2 and 3 for one or more players have been developed for android they immerse us in a military elite battalion with 13 missions to fulfill beginning
in the city of Los Angeles and comes to Pakistan with a truly amazing story and apocalyptic much more intense for the freedom of the United States, which transforms this FPS in a true and compelling story battles.

Among the game options you can handle helicopters, vehicles 4 × 4 mode of destruction and the possibility of creating groups of escorts and hunting, use modern weapons and high-tech addition to their amendments and accessorizing.


The multiplayer mode is very advanced and the most complete because it allows intervene in battles with up to 12 players which gives the great possibility of forming a frank squadron with your fellow players, in 6 fantastic maps and in 7 Ways entertaining game and way of hierarchy with more than 90 ranges of experience that guarantee unlimited fun. Dawn of titans gems hack

Without doubt one of the best FPS games for android and is best creators promise to substantially improve future versions exist due to the large versions 1, 2 and version 3.